L-Carnitine Products

The Benefits of ArginoCarn® L-Carnitine

ArginoCarn® is an exclusive ingredient used in many of the best supplements that provide L-Carnitine support. The benefits of L-Carnitine products are well known, in large part due to its ability to help increase the use of fat for energy.

About ArginoCarn® – L-Carnitine Supplements

Sigma-Tau Health Science is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the pharmaceutical company Sigma-Tau (Italy). Sigma-Tau HealthScience combines Sigma-Tau's scientific expertise with Biosint's experience and leadership in L-Carnitine manufacturing. The company markets and supplies L-Carnitine products and educates both industry professionals and consumers on functional and metabolic ingredients providing specific health benefits.

L-Carnitine products as supplied by Sigma-Tau Health Science are the result of 30 years of research by Sigma-Tau into the role that L-Carnitine plays in cellular metabolism and mitochondrial functions. The world leader in L-Carnitine research, manufacturing and sales, Sigma-Tau has conducted more than 1,000 clinical studies on L-Carnitine and has access to more than 11,600 papers on L-Carnitine generated by its network of internationally recognized experts in the field.

Sigma-Tau's latest venue involves L-Carnitine's "next generation"; the AminoCarnitines®

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