ArginoCarn® & Breast Health

Breast cancer remains one of the most common forms of cancer. Detrimental factors such as the cellular aging process demonstrate the need to support a woman’s breast health.

Increased Nitric Oxide & Breast Health

ArginoCarn® can play a protective role in breast cancer prevention and assist breast health. ArginoCarn® has been proven to help decrease Arginase activity and increase Nitric Oxide. Studies showing high levels of Arginase and Ornithine present in different carcinomas may indicate their relation to cancer.

Examining the protective effect of ArginoCarn® suggests that it may play an important role in breast health by disturbing Arginase-Nitric Oxide (NO) interaction. One of the mechanisms of Carnitine’s protective role in tumor progression may be its promotion of Nitric Oxide. This mechanism could decrease the production of tumor-promoting agents, polyamines, and increase the production of Nitric Oxide protecting against tumor development and assisting breast health.

Dietary Benefits

Erbas, H., N. Aydogdu, et al. (2007). "Protective Role of Carnitine in Breast Cancer Via Decreasing Arginase Activity and Increasing Nitric Oxide." Cell Biol Int 31(11): 1414-1419.

Breast cancer remains one of the most common types of cancer. High levels of arginase and ornithine in different carcinomas may indicate their relation to cancer. Carnitine is a cofactor required for the transformation of free long-chain fatty acids into acetyl-carnitines. We have examined the protective effect of carnitine and the possibility that it disturbs arginase-nitric oxide (NO) interaction. Histopathological examination, arginase activity, ornithine and NO levels were determined in tumour tissues. Mitotic cells...

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